CNN Interviews Ashley on Financial Resolutions for 2024

December 29, 2023: 

With the 2024 right around the corner, a common conversation among friends and family involves which New Year’s resolutions will be topping the lists. Many popular annual goals involve savings and earnings targets leading many folks to ask what should the number one financial resolution really be?  Jeanne Sahadi of CNN had the same question, and recently interviewed Centerpoint’s Ashley Agnew on the topic in her recent article “Forget ‘spend less’ or ‘save more.’ Make this your No. 1 financial resolution for 2024

The article covers what many of us have experienced it comes to committing to resolutions – knowing what we should be doing is not enough to make real change, especially when it comes to managing your money. The article suggests that the best resolution may not have to do with figures and amounts, but is instead defining what financial well-being means to you. Sahadi shares the following seven ways you might define and improve upon your financial well-being in the new year: 

1. Create a greater sense of ease

2. Spend in ways that are true to who you are, not others’ expectations

3. Buy yourself time

4. Express your values

5. Don’t confuse what you buy with joy

6. Focus on what brings you contentment

7. Figure out your relationship with money

You can view the detail and thoughts behind each of the seven points above in full original article posted on on December 28, 2023 by clicking the link below:

Forget ‘spend less’ or ‘save more’. Make this your No. 1 financial resolution for 2024