Ashley R. Agnew, CFT-I™ 

Director of Relationship Development

Ashley is drawn to the finance industry because of its dynamicity and the ability to truly help others through their financial journey.  Working through the heart of the recession in 2008, she wanted to understand more about the industry that had the power to slow the world, and how she could help families regain comfort with financial wellbeing. After meeting the Centerpoint team during her MBA program, it was clear that the philosophy, work ethic, and vision at Centerpoint Advisors was a great fit for her desire to create meaningful relationships in investment management.

Ashley brings a vast knowledge to the area of relationship development to ensure optimal client outcomes by truly keeping a finger on the pulse of what is most important to Centerpoint clients. Prior to working at Centerpoint, she held various client facing roles at a management level, and she understands that finances touch many aspects of our lives. Ashley is a Certified Financial Therapist-Level I™ Practitioner and uses processes informed by both therapeutic and financial competencies that help people think, feel, and behave comfortably around money to improve overall wellbeing. 


Ashley is an alumnus of University of Massachusetts where she earned her B.S. in Business Administration, majoring in marketing with a minor in communications writing. Following many client facing roles post-graduation, she pursued a Master’s degree in 2013, graduating with her MBA in Global Finance with honors from Bryant University. Ashley began working with Centerpoint during the latter half of her MBA program and obtained her FINRA series 65 license thereafter. She has completed the the Financial Therapy Graduate Program at Kansas State University, a leading institution in the field, as well as all Financial Therapy Association training modules with success leading to her certification.  Ashley is in constant pursuit of the best resources to assist clients in reaching financial comfort.

Working at Centerpoint

Ashley helps Centerpoint clients build a better relationship with their wealth. She facilitates many of our financial coaching programs providing both emotional and educational resources for clients across ages. These include financial coaching, therapy and literacy, college and retirement savings strategies, family round-table facilitation and moderation, and pre-marital financial counseling. Ashley is on the Board of Directors for the Financial Therapy Association as well as XPX Greater Boston. Ashley has been interviewed in media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, Real Simple Magazine, NPR, the Boston Globe, CNBC, Acorns Grow, and MarketWatch for her work in the financial therapy field, and was published in the Journal of Financial Therapy for her research team’s model on assisting grieving widows. 

Outside the Office

During her downtime Ashley loves spending time with her family taking drives to new beaches, parks, and trails where her children can explore and be curious. She especially enjoys discovering pet-friendly areas where she can bring along her mastiff mutt, Chewbacca, though he often has other ideas for how to work a leash. Her husband is a retired Navy Veteran having served 20 years in the military and together they enjoy golfing, among other sports, and planning their annual family getaway visiting a unique American destination every year. Ashley is also a Girl Scout leader that is passionate about providing educational programming and activities that embrace creativity, and assists young leaders in developing kindness, coping, and compassion skills.

But the important thing about the sky, is that it is always there.

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