Discussing Mindsets on the Art of Wealth

March 3, 2021. By Jennifer Wolfsberg:

Crystal Pirri is the founder of The Art of Wealth podcast, and has made a business out of learning how individuals react to wealth in the many facets of their social, familial, and personal relationships. She brings a broad background and a variety of experiences to discussions about wealth. Given our intricate involvement with families surrounding not only wealth management but also financial counseling at Centerpoint Advisors, my conversations with Crystal are always very rich.

It was my pleasure to be interviewed by Crystal on the Art of Wealth podcast last month to discuss what she has termed Money Mindset v. Skillset, and the Victim Mentality v. the Wealth Mentality.  While just scratching the surface of why these areas of conversation impact how individuals behave around money, the episodes proved to be insightful in diving deeper into the money scripts that arise throughout the financial journey, and how we can use them to understand current reactions.

The Art of Wealth podcast is available on iTunes or Audible, and you can Click Here to view more episodes offering a wide range of topics that are adjacent to the theme of personal wealth. The links below will take you directly to the episodes that feature my discussions: