March 28, 2019. By Olga Okaty:

Roughly 40 million Americans move relocate each year.  It comes as no surprise that 80% choose to move between April and September to capitalize on the favorable weather conditions, and element of significant consideration especially in New England.  In our own discussions with clients and colleagues we have noticed that this is certainly true, with home purchases and sales being the topic of many conversations as of late, occurring almost in direct correlation with the (slightly) warmer weather. With the anxiety of the home search behind them, new home owners are thrilled to start their journey to their new location.  Although the result of a move is very exciting, however, the process is often daunting once started as possessions are carefully lifted, sorted, and packed away.

While searching for resources to ease the moving process for our clients, we spoke with the folks at Humboldt Moving and Storage who noted that the biggest element is not necessarily the move itself, especially if contracting professionals, but instead the preparation needed prior to moving day to make sure all goes well. Humboldt generously shared these tips and helpful video:

5 Tips to Prepare for your Move Prior to Moving Day:

  1. Review your move with your move coordinator. Confirm important items including dates, packing, special handling or instructions.
  2. Designate a “Safe Zone” in your home where you will keep items not included in your move. This may include medications, important paperwork, etc.
  3. If you have children or pets, arrange for someone to care for them on moving day.
  4. Inspect all doors to the home to make sure they are free of debris & accessible for the moving crew.
  5. In the event of snow – all walkways must be cleared & salted before the moving crew’s arrival.

The tips listed above are quite simple and not time consuming in practice, yet are instrumental to keep the process more exciting than it is stressful. If you are one of the many embarking on the relocation journey during this peak season, these additional resources from Humboldt may also be of interest: Helpful Links.