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As a Centerpoint Client, you will be provided with a secure, customized portal and document vault for anytime access and on-demand snapshots of your net worth. Simplify with a single sign-in.

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Through one easy logon, the MyCenter portal quickly provides a snapshot of your net worth at a glance, with viewing access to all of your investment holdings and key legal documents. 

You will be able to view your asset allocation and documents in a secure, read-only format, while effortlessly providing our portfolio managers with the information needed for optimal decision making.

We are a team of wealth and investment specialists…

Who recognize that the ability to quickly access up-to-date legal documents in the event of an emergency is often an underestimated, yet key, component of wealth management. Clients and their authorized users can now store and access key documents safely in the MyCenter secure document storage vault. Additionally, with aggregated reporting, MyCenter eliminates the need for spreadsheets and statement tracking for your outside accounts to easily manage your complete household portfolio.


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