Tax and Money Stress? Financial Therapy can Help. 

March 25, 2022

The IRS Tax Season Begins officially in February, but for many filers, the stress begins long before this as soon as documents start arriving in the mail. Between balancing budgets and being confronted with the real numbers of your financial life, tax season can be an especially difficult time. 

Centerpoint Director of Relationship Development, Ashley Agnew, was recently interviewed for NPR station WBUR to discuss the different reasons individuals may find the tax preparation process stressful and how financial therapy informed planning can help. To here the full interview with Ashley and Morning Edition host Rupa Shenoy, follow the link below: 

Struggling with taxes and money-related stress? Financial therapy can help. 

If you are a Centerpoint client who would like to learn more about your emotional relationship with money, please reach out. We are here.