Happy Thanksgiving and Holiday Hours

November 21, 2023:

We wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving, and perhaps you are looking for ways to mix up the day that is so heavily based in tradition for 2023. Some favorites traditions and memories among the Centerpoint team include making s’mores by the firepit for desert, a race to see who can smuggle the most homemade pecan rolls, family games to decide the clean-up crew, and morning workouts like roller hockey games and turkey trot themed races.  Here are a few from friends of the team that we are fans of:

  • Celebrate All Family Birthdays: It is hard to get the entire family together for each birthday. Have one large cake and acknowledge all the family birthdays at once for the year!
  • Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen: Take the family out of the house to help those in need by volunteering at a soup kitchen before or after your own traditional meal. We promise your meal will taste better after giving back. 
  • Put Kids in Charge of Dessert Service: Right around time for dessert the little ones can get fidgety. Set the dessert station within their reach and have them take orders and work together on delivery to get them involved and participating.  
  • Share ‘Final Stretch’ Resolutions: How are the 2023 new year’s resolutions going now that we weeks away from 2024? Allow for resolution mulligans by sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly for your original resolution and set a new one for the final stretch! Enlist a family member as an accountability partner to see it through. 

Starting new traditions can be a great way to make the holidays unique and perhaps even welcome in new family members. Despite the excitement of new activities or delicacies, it is hard not to get excited for the staples that have made it through the generations like pearl onions, pumpkin pie, and exchanging gratitude.  No matter how you are spending your Thanksgiving holiday this year, we wish you a happy, safe, and healthy long weekend.





Kindly note that in line with market hours, our office will be closed for the day on Thursday, November 23rd, and at 1:00pm on Friday, November 24th. We wish you and your families a lovely holiday.