August 1, 2017. Courtesy of  Adam Hofmann, Reid-Hofmann Insurance Agency :

It is definitely boating season. Whether you’re back and forth to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, parking on a sandbar, or even just staying at the dock (yeah, we know you’re out there), there are some important coverages to consider when purchasing a boat policy.

Considering that there are no licenses required to operate a boat, there tend to be some uninsured boats out there. Did you know that a boat policy can (and should) include coverage for Uninsured Boaters? That will give protection to you and guests on your boat if you are injured by an uninsured boater.

What about those boats with captains (read: yachts)?  Not all boat policies will provide coverage for captain and crew. It is important to be sure that your boat policy provides coverage for all those unique “marine employees.”  You may be required to trigger different coverage depending on if/when you hire a captain and crew. Can you say Jones Act Coverage? USLHWCA? I’m sure you can – we can help you figure out what they mean.

Hopefully your boat policy will provide coverage if your boat is damaged – that’s the entire point, right? What about all the pollutants that leak because of that accident? Are those covered? Pollution coverage for anyone operating on the water is an important coverage. Don’t wait until the EPA shows up to see if you have this coverage.

Not all boats are the same – and, as you can see, not all boat policies are either. The good news – these coverages can be triggered for small increases in premium. A well-formed insurance program that covers your boat, home, auto, and more is important. We’re happy to help you navigate those tricky insurance waters (I know, I know – a horrible pun, indeed). Send an email over if you have any questions or concerns: You’ll have more fun when you’re covered. Trust us.