Lifestyle Services

It seems that with every passing year time becomes more compressed and scarce while key tasks sneak up at warp speed. Eliminating just a phone call or two can compound into immense time savings, so let Centerpoint be your resource for coordinating your lifestyle services and professional organization. Through trusted relationships with vetted professionals who are among the best in their fields, “getting around to it” can easily become “getting it done” with Centerpoint Advisors.

You are the CEO for your personal and family matters, and as a client you will consider Centerpoint Advisors the chairman of your board of directors. Aside from collaboration with your tax, estate, and legal professionals, upon request we will also coordinate a range of services including but not limited to: travel concierge, medical concierge, home security audits and system implementation, professional development, career mapping, business owner advisory services, home construction, landscaping, purchase or sale of commercial and residential real estate, auto purchase and leasing, mortgage brokerage, trust administration, and personal and family counseling. For qualified clients, we will also maintain an online vault to securely maintain and organize your most important documents all in one place, including aggregated reporting of your accounts held with us along with those managed by external institutions or advisors to allow you to see your complete personal portfolio at a glance. Shrink your ‘to-do’ list with one simple call or e-mail to Centerpoint Advisors.