June 14, 2019. By Anthony Norris:

The summer season is in full swing, and with it brings warmer weather and ideal conditions to hop in an airplane and take to the skies. Experiencing the thrill and freedom of piloting an airplane is second to none. To the general population it may seem to be a privilege only available to a select few, however with a bit of research you may find that getting a pilot’s license is more obtainable than you think. If you have ever found yourself looking up to the sky by the sound of an airplane, then these five reasons may convince you to take the leap in getting your pilots license.

Sense of Freedom: As all of us can relate, the day you get your drivers license is a fond memory. At that moment you gained a sense of freedom and independence. You were now able to go to places that were outside of walking or biking distance. Getting a pilot’s license is just that feeling. What would be an hour drive could be done in a 10-minute flight all while taking in stunning scenery and viewing the world from a different perspective. Having a pilot’s license gives you the ability visit incredible locations. Maybe you want to pop over to Martha’s Vineyard for lunch or nip up to New Hampshire and go camping. To many, simply visiting small airports is half the adventure. Beyond the exploration aspect of aviation, flying allows you to disconnect from stressful emails, phone calls, texts and other distractions.

New Skill Set: Through your training and accumulation of hours you will develop a special set of skills that not only make you a better pilot, but that can also apply to you daily life. As pilot in command, you learn how to juggle multiple variables such as weather, navigating, radio communications, airspace, traffic avoidance and so on. You will learn how to make quick, educated decisions that keep you (and surrounding airplanes) from getting into trouble. Once you get your license and fly regularly, you will find that your ability to deal with challenges and problem solve goes far beyond the cockpit and can be applied to your daily life.

Social Aspect: Another selling point of a pilot’s license is your ticket to the aviation community. Whether you have a license or not, it is never difficult to connect with a fellow pilots and talk about planes, exaggerated stories, flight training, places you have gone, and so on. Beyond the connections you will make with other pilots, your license will be a great conversation piece for non-aviators. No matter the age, everyone loves learning more about what it takes and the experiences having a license offers.

Business Advantage: Building off the social aspect of having a pilot’s licenses, it is no surprise that there are many successful individuals in the aviation community. Spending time at the airport networking with pilots and plane owners may land you business opportunities and connections that may otherwise be impossible. Furthermore, if you travel a lot in your line of work, having a pilot’s license can offer you the flexibility to be on your own schedule and save time. No more waiting in TSA lines, missing connections, crowded airports or crying babies. You can fly into a local airport minutes away from your meeting. Better yet, if you don’t want to deal with getting a taxi, most airports have crew cars available for pilots often for free. If a crew car is not available, airports may have rental car companies on sight that can have your vehicle waiting for you once you land.

Continued Learning: One of the greatest aspects of aviation is that it is impossible to know it all. There is always something new to learn no matter how experienced you are. This is a great draw for people who are looking to continually challenge themselves and keep their minds active.  Getting your private pilot’s license does not have to be your end goal.  You can continue training and achieve an instrument rating, allowing you to fly in clouds and reduced visibility. From there pilots can choose to get their commercial license, flight instructor certification, and many more credentials. You can also choose to expand on the types of aircraft you can fly by gaining type ratings in multi-engines, turbos, seaplanes, helicopters, jets, etc.

Getting your pilot’s license offers a great sense of accomplishment. The feeling of lifting off the ground and into an environment of unparalleled views is reason enough to get into aviation. Best of all, you can share this experience by taking your friends and family flying. Even if you are not sold on the idea, consider calling your local flight school and schedule a discovery flight which consists of a short flight that goes over the fundamentals of flying.