When Pet Ownership is Overwhelming

May 6, 2021. By Ryan McLaughlin:

Along with the rest of the Centerpoint Team, I love dogs. I have always been around these lovable pets, and they are, in my humble opinion, this planet’s most precious beings; just spend ten minutes with the two beasts that live under my family’s roof and surely you will agree. Like any dog owner, I would do anything for my lovable giants, but sometimes new owners can get in over their head a bit when they decide to take on the responsibility of pet adoption.



Animal shelters nationwide saw spikes in adoptions over 2020, most likely because of increased free time and loneliness during COVID lockdowns. The companionship of a loving pet is like none other, and there is no doubt that the adoptions were mental life savers for many families. With normalcy now at our doorstep (and hopefully remaining), it may be hard for some families to continue to take on the demanding responsibility of having a pet.

When the overwhelm becomes too much to handle and rehoming is the only fair option for both the pet and the family, it is best to work with an organization that will truly treat the furry orphan as a friend. Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell which organizations are going to really take care of your pet and ensure that they find a good home. Luckily, here at Centerpoint, we know a couple great destinations for any dogs that need a new home! Whether you are looking to adopt or part ways with your pup, our friends over at Save a Dog in Sudbury, MA have been running a terrific organization for over 20 years. They take a holistic approach towards adopting, so they consider all factors when searching for the right home for their pets – I say pets because they adopt cats as well: www.saveadog.org. They also provide a list of trust-worthy rescues and shelters in New England, for those who find it hard to travel to Sudbury.

Another great organization, for those in the Midwest, is Annabelle Acres in Oconomowoc, WI. Somewhat of a smaller nonprofit, Annabelle Acres specializes in Labrador Retriever adoption. Founder Tony Wedeward has seen tremendous growth in his organization’s popularity on account of his extensive adoption process and love for each of his dogs. Check out his list of available labs here! Make sure you hurry, though, as the waiting list is almost entirely filled up!

Both options are nonprofit, charitable 501 (c)(3) organizations, so donations are encouraged. All contributions are tax deductible, and they are a great way to ensure your money is going to a great cause! Here’s how you can donate to each respective organization: Save a Dog donations and Annabelle Acres donations.

No dogs should be in abusive homes or euthanized due to lack of caregiver attention; ensuring that any dog that needs rescuing is put in a safe environment fit for them is essential. If you are having difficulty caring for your pets due to changing circumstances, you should feel comfortable reaching out to the organizations referenced and researching local humane shelters. If you know anyone struggling with the decision of whether to keep or rehome their pet, this helpful article from Rover.com may provide guidance: A New Home: Recognizing When It’s Time to Give Up Your Beloved Pet. Rover can also be a resource for services that may help make pet ownership more feasible, such as day care, grooming, walking, and drop-in visits during the workday.


Ryan McLaughlin is an economics student at the University of Wisconsin. He is interning at Centerpoint Advisors for the summer of 2021 and assisting with research, client service, and portfolio management support.