January 22, 2020. By Kevin Donohue:

With the 2020 tax season upon us and return deadlines approaching, Centerpoint Advisors would like to make this-time as seamless and stress free as possible for our clients. We work closely with our custodian to consolidate and deliver directly any tax documentation related your Centerpoint accounts. We will provide each of you with the most up to date tax documents, or with client authorization, we can deliver the documents to a CPA or any related third party.

In the coming weeks, Fidelity will be sending notifications to you indicating that your tax documents are currently available; you may have already received this correspondence as they relate to your retirement account forms. We are actively monitoring these notifications, and are in the process of consolidating and organizing these documents for you. Once all documentation becomes available, late February through early March, we will provide the appropriate tax documents to you or an authorized third party. Fidelity issues several versions of the tax forms each year, some of which contain amendments. If you happen to log on to your Fidelity account to view or download the documents on your own, please ensure you are downloading the most recent version. For your convenience it may be best to wait for the email correspondence from Centerpoint to ensure the most recent tax documents are being used, as we monitor these forms daily and many versions are released. 

Kindly not that we plan to deliver your tax documents to the same parties as last year. If you are working with a new tax professional, please provide us with the updated contact information for our records and we can arrange delivery accordingly.

As always, our team is fully available to answer any questions you may have. For any tax document related questions please contact me directly at kdonohue@centerpointadvisors.net and any privacy or security questions to our Compliance Analyst, Matthew Okaty, at mokaty@centerpointadvisors.net


Key Availability Dates for Tax Documentation

  • January 16th, 2020 – Retirement Tax Forms available (1099-R, 5498)
  • January 25th, 2020 – First mailing of form 1099
  • February 15th, 2020 – Second mailing of form 1099
  • February 29th, 2020 – Third mailing of form 1099
  • March 6th, 2020 – Fourth and final mailing of form 1099