Client Notice: Tax Document Distribution

February 1, 2021. By Kevin Donohue:

In the coming weeks Fidelity will be issuing preliminary tax documents, and you may have already received email correspondence indicating this.  Per usual, we will be gathering these documents and delivering according to client request either electronically or physically, copying CPAs when indicated. We will begin the distribution of these forms in early March to allow plenty of time for your filing. If you have changed your CPA relationship and would like us to communicate with your new tax team, please contact Courtney at so that we may update your preferences. 

Since 2020 was a very unique tax year for many individuals, families, and businesses, the IRS has provided the following article that outlines steps to speed up your return during the pandemic: IRS Tax Season Begins. As always, we are available to answer any questions you may have and are happy to collaborate with your tax professionals.