November 9, 2017. By Jennifer Wolfsberg:

Veterans Day is a reminder to reflect upon and thank those who have so bravely served our country.  With past and present service members in our own firm and families, the holiday carries both feelings of pride and respect in the office. We are truly grateful for those who have and continue to dedicate their time to our freedom.  Although we know there is no way to express the extent of our appreciation, Centerpoint would like to extend an offer of gratitude by providing complimentary financial planning check-up sessions to veterans and active service members.

In conversations with clients, friends and colleagues we find that many times families are on track with the best intentions for their cash flow, yet have a few gray areas that although small, could make a huge impact on their goals if pointed in the right direction.  It is out of this need that we have designed a one-hour Financial Planning Check-up.  During the hour our Director of Financial Planning, Olga Okaty and helpful members of our team reviews budgets, savings strategies, and tips to achieve retirement goals. Centerpoint also offers a more extensive, formal financial planning service, however for many families a few informed answers to crucial, often lingering questions, is a quick and easy way to start organizing personal finances.  Common questions that we have received during Check-ups include: Which debts or credit cards should we pay down first? Should I participate in my employer sponsored retirement plan? What are the best ways to save for my child’s education? How do I read my investment account statement? There is a typically a cost for the Financial Planning Check-up, however it is less than the formal financial plan as it is not nearly as extensive. Click here to learn more about our formal financial planning process.

A refreshing statistic is that those in the military are more likely to be aware of their finances and use budgeting tools, yet 77% of active duty service members still worry about lack of general and retirement savings, and feel added pressure because in most homes they are also the primary earner[i]. For these families, a complimentary Financial Planning Check-up might be just what they need to feel secure in their financial habits.  If you are a veteran or active service member interested in a Financial Planning Check-up, contact anytime this November to schedule your planning session free of charge for 2018[ii].


[i] Poll.H. (April 2014) A Survey about Financial Literacy Among the U.S. Military, Prepared for The National Foundation for Credit Counseling.

[ii] To receive complimentary service, appointment must be scheduled by November 30th, 2017.  Appointments will be held in January and February of 2018 at an agreed upon date and time. Client service is important to us.  To dedicate the proper amount of time to each session, space is limited and will be provided on a first schedule, first serve basis.

Disclosure: Centerpoint Advisors, LLC is neither a law firm nor a certified public accounting firm and no portion of the Financial Planning Check-up should be construed as legal or tax advice. Please review all strategies with your legal or tax professional prior to any actions to evaluate whether such strategies are appropriate for your specific situation