December 7, 2017. By John Wolfsberg:

Thanksgiving launches the official kick-off to the holiday season as we enjoy crisp weather, the heart of the football season, warm apple pie, and…houseguests. Whether it is in your game plan to host or be hosted, here are a few overlooked pointers to get through the holiday events that necessitate an overnight or extended stay:

Tips for the Humble Host:

  • If you live in a cooler climate, clear a bit of space in your entryway and/or coat closet to allow your guests to keep their coats and boots in a convenient location.  Not only will this be convenient for them, but will also spare muddy boot marks on your freshly cleaned floors.
  • Extra guests can also lead to a loud household.  Use lighting and scents to create a softer ambiance with candles and calming room sprays throughout the home.
  • Display your WiFi password for your guest network in frames in the guest rooms and sitting areas.  This simple effort will be appreciated, especially if there are times your guests are there when you are not home.
  • Create to-go bags ahead of time to send your guests on their way with snacks for the road, bottled water, and if you have time, a group photo from their stay.  A warm departure will make your guests feel at ease and know they were welcomed guests.

Tips for the Gracious Guest:

  • Upon arrival, ask your host what the ground rules are for the house and helping hands.  Just because they may seem busy in the kitchen does not always mean that they would like your help.  On the other hand, setting the table or helping with pets might go a long way.
  • Don’t expect to be entertained 24 hours per day.  If travelling with children, bring plenty of activities to avoid the possibility of damage due to idle hands.
  • Help with expenses by replenishing used items.  Your host will most likely not take money, however will appreciate you replenishing small items such as milk, sugar, and snacks to save them the trip for these items that would normally not run out so quickly.
  • Prior to your departure, make the bed and leave a small Thank You note.  They will be washing the linens once you leave, however will appreciate your leaving the room in clean condition especially if they do not have the chance to clean thoroughly before the next round of guests.

On behalf of all of us at Centerpoint Advisors, we wish you a safe, happy, and comfortable Thanksgiving weekend.