July 7, 2016:

Jennifer Wolfsberg has recently completed her coursework and examinations and has earned the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (“CDFA”) accreditation through the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts.  A CDFA works with clients and their attorneys to help them assess the financial reality of their particular divorce situation.  Developing comprehensive insight into the short and long-term financial effects of divorce can save valuable time, money, and distress, especially if the process is conducted early in the legal proceedings.  As a CDFA Jennifer can help families prevent financial turmoil throughout what may be one of the most emotionally trying times in a family’s life.

Jennifer states: “We as a firm are dedicated to providing our clients with the guidance and understanding needed to achieve financial independence and peace of mind. After years of helping clients and their families through the unexpected and unfortunate process of separation, I am now a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (“CDFA”) issued by the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts.  The knowledge I have gained in completing the CDFA coursework will allow me to help clients through difficult times when respite may seem hard to find.”

Whether the separation is amicable or volatile, people are generally at their most vulnerable both emotionally and financially during a divorce. It is imperative that each party assess their financial position realistically with a team of trusted professionals.  If you or a friend are approaching divorce we are happy to provide more information about how CDFA services at Centerpoint can ease the process, or to provide names of other professionals such as attorneys or CPA’s who may be able to assist you depending on your circumstances.