June 26, 2018. By Ashley Agnew

On Tuesday, June 19th Jennifer participated in a panel sponsored by XPX New England at McLane Middleton in Woburn titled “Follow the Money: The Profitable Female Perspective”. She was chosen to participate in the panel due to her expertise in the financial services industry as CEO and co-founder of Centerpoint Advisors and her success in the mentorship of young leaders. The panel also included Julia Karol of Watermill Group, Rudy Scarito of RS Finance & Consulting, and Tara Cousineau author of The Kindness Cure.  The panel was moderated by the author of Stop Compromising and CEO of Next Stage Solutions, Rudi Scheiber-Kurtz. The panel of senior executives shared their insight and experience surrounding the risks and journeys they needed to welcome to become the business owners they are today.

Though in it’s underlying theme the event was in fact a celebration of female leadership, much of the focus was on the collaboration needed across genders and diversities to truly operate on all cylinders in the workplace.  As noted by the panelist Tara Cousineau, being comfortable with uncertainty is unchartered territory in our culture, and leaders need to cultivate grit among their employees through collaboration and soft skills:

“High levels of stress have become the new normal. Selflessness, compassion, and mindfulness are the now the most important qualities of great leaders”

The idea of empowerment was woven throughout several conversations within the panel discussion, especially as it related to maintaining a positive corporate culture. The only way to come closer to parity, as the panelists noted, is to nurture a culture that fosters mentorship by building teams with the right fit. Each panelist agreed that as much as mentors want to give their time, mentees must be willing to accept it.  As Rudy Scarito put it, “They have to have a fire in their belly and know that they have a passion for their industry.”

Upon conclusion of the event, Jennifer noted that she was honored to be part of such a dynamic panel surrounded by a crowd of respected male and female leaders:

“It was so refreshing to be a part of an event celebrating collaboration and achievement with a great mix of men and women in the room. It is inspiring to see so many senior level executives interested in learning more about incorporating all perspectives into their leadership models.”

XPX is a community of professional advisors who work collaboratively to help owners build valuable businesses and assist them in preparing and executing a successful transition. Centerpoint Advisors is an active corporate member of their New England chapter.


(Panelists Pictured Above, From Left to Right: Jennifer Wolfsberg, Julia Karol, Rudi Scheiber-Kurtz, Tara Cousineau, and Rudy Scarito)