Slowing Down During Busy Months

October 27, 2022. By Ashley Agnew:

I recently read a parenting blog that said October is a great month because it allows some time to relax before the busyness of the holiday season in the months to follow.  I’m not sure about you, but I certainly do not get this luxury during any October, and this one has seemed to go by even faster than the rest. Having a family with school-aged children, October is when the excitement of back-to-school wears off for the and projects begin, as do sports, after school clubs, play dates, and the other tasks that take up the very little spare time parents have. Additionally, with October kicking off the last quarter of the year, professional projects and deadlines are in full swing. When adding all of these together, just the mere sight of a “shopping days ‘til” sign puts me at about an 8:


(Photo credit to fellow financial therapy advocate, Christine Hargrove of UGA)


That said, I truly do love the change of the seasons, Sunday football, cozy sweaters, and the excitement that comes along with holiday celebrations. It can be hard to remember, however, that these are often enjoyed in moments, not just coordinated efforts. Amidst the demands of everyday life, I find it helpful to lean on quick meditations to reap the mental and physical benefits of being present. When life seems to be on autopilot with no sign of an off button, here is a guided mindfulness exercise that I find to be helpful:


Simply Being: Relaxation and Presence Meditation


At just about 5 minutes this guided meditation is shorter than most commercial breaks. Feel free to take a pause from this reading to give it a try right now. When you click on the link above, you will see that the recording is hosted on a wonderful site called Insight Timer. Insight Timer provides guided meditations for all levels, concerns, and time frames. They even have a section with goodnight stories for those who have trouble sleeping; Wind in the Willows happens to be our household favorite – no one makes it past chapter one.

As you come to the end of this reading, and whether you relate to my October schedule or not, please know that you are worth taking time for self-care, even if that action is a simple form of meditation. Mental health is wealth, and time is our most precious asset. Use yours to care for your mind, so that you can enjoy the very special moments that surround you.